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As an educator, my career has enabled me to work in different parts of the world from South Korea and China to North America, Denmark, Germany and Hungary. It started as a student teacher avoiding travel and a fear of the unfamiliar. In 1992 I worked in Brittany setting up an outdoor education centre, this was the start of my educationally based travels. As I have ventured further I have seen myself and my home through fresh eyes. We can learn so much from approaches and cultures in different places. Teaching about bias and expanding perception is a must. As teachers, parents, and learners let’s recognise that we have to ACT now, each day, to create a world where we are curious about another’s context and create a socially just world. In Michigan I am President of Widening Advancement of Youth (W-A-Y) I have supported school leadership, staff and students to succeed in alternative provision through a blended approach, the schools even fund teachers to be available around the clock. The development of the elementary curriculum and the accompanying platform was a fantastic opportunity to link Project Based Learning to common core standards. In China, I supported a new staff team to deliver the American High School Diploma to an international school. Working with KACES in South Korea I was invited by the Royal Society of Art to speak about creativity and AI. I have worked in Germany for a wonderful Berlin start-up and have regularly worked with Lene Jensby Lange from Denmark around learning spaces. Also, see my section about working in Budapest leading REAL School and the international work of the Lab of Misfits.

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