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blackawton bees

date. 2010 to current day

location. Blackawton Devon

A group of 8 to 10 year olds were carefully facilitated through a scientific enquiry. They immersed themselves in the world of being a bee through playing. They researched about bees, including questioning neuroscientist Beau Lotto who acted as a walking embodiment of a literature review. The children created questions based on their curiosity, they asked Beau can bees count? Why can bees ... What if it's because ... Then they designed a puzzle or game based on their curiosity for what bees could do. Could the bees solve their puzzle? The work chidlren did with Beau was stunning and resulted in the chiudlren being published in an academic peer review journel - The Royal Society's Biology Letters. This paper begins once upon a time ...

This was just a part of the work I did leading Blackawton Primary. Our Ofsted inspector suggested that writing the report on the school was like trying to draw a Rembrandt on the back of a postage stamp. We also started a federation of schools who worked closely together in partnership.

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