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5 propositions for learning

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

1. Curriculum Experience must help young people be ready for a rapidly changing world more than an exam

Learning a balance of core skills alongside the experience and reflection of navigation when you don't know can help you lead your own learning. Making is a part of learning and leads to deeper understanding rather than memorising

2. Being a pioneer helps others to get to new places and see the world differently

Having the courage to walk a different path is not easy but so worthwhile. Failure is a most powerful teacher if we have the courage to look in the mirror. Innovation, by its nature does not have an evidence base and so we must iterate again and again

3. People are more important than vision

Relationship is at the core of learning and well-being. Who we are being in the moment is of vital significance. Diversity in our community is such a strength and something to celebrate, seek those with aligned values but different processes

4. Space is a provocation for learning and community

One of a very few ways to change behaviour effectively is to change the environment. This also shifts our relationships. Understanding the functions you want to create intentionally is so impactful

5. Digital advantage, including AI, is about purpose before product

All of the above propositions are enhanced by digital processes. Turning a vision into reality is underpinned by modeling, a chance to learn safely and using technology to enhance learning rather than merely replicate old practices. Learning when not to use technology is a key life skill. Digital work can create new audiences, connect learners and help access opportunities in a sustainable manner

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